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Church Law Information Consultants or CLIC is partnership of professionals who have assessed the need of the church to be informed about the day-to-day functionality of religious organizations in today’s world against the legal implications of the day-to-day functionality.  This team of professionals make over twenty-three years of litigation experience, over twenty-five years of ministerial/pastoral experience combined representing individuals, churches and ministries throughout the United States.


   After encountering issue after issue of churches and ministries not being equipped to handle the legal repercussions of decisions that a church makes when various situations arise that can be catastrophic to the congregation, CLIC decided to put together a plan that would assist church leaders in better informed decisions about executing the vision and goals of the organization.

Partners, Rev. Dwight G. McQuirter, JD and Rhonda D. Hooks, JD are two professionals that chose churches as their legal focus.  After representing, pastors and churches in both the criminal and civil arenas, it became apparent that regardless of the circumstances, ignorance of the law is no excuse…even with churches.  The question became, “how can a smaller member congregation afford to protect itself completely with limited resources?”.  And the answer was simply divine; create an organization that will assist church congregations, large or small, in making the best decisions while having affordable legal assistance to provide sound legal understanding the of the endeavors that promote the vision and goals of the church.  Thus, CLIC was born.  


Church Law Information Consultants is a team of Christ-­centered professionals who share a common vision and commitment to providing access to excellent legal professionals to those who are called to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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